Benefit of buying a two- or three-letter domain name

Started by RafaelJames, Aug 09, 2022, 01:04 AM

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RafaelJamesTopic starter


In our company, the question arose of buying a short domain name - a two- or three-letter one. Intuitively, everyone understands the benefits, but the purchase is expensive and must be justified with specific numbers.

Can you give examples of when someone purchased a two- or three-letter domain name and received such and such an increase in traffic? We need examples with statistics confirming the profitability of the purchase.

If you manage to justify the purchase and the deal goes through, perhaps one of the regular forum user will become richer.


Buying a short domain name in itself will not give you any significant traffic on the topic of your business (the option that there is traffic on the "short man" and we exclude it specifically for your topic, we believe that the "short man" is completely "naked" and without traffic).

A short domain name is needed for brand recognition and ease of use of the resource for end customers-users. Agree, it is much easier to dial AM than AVTOMOBILI.

The second reason to buy is if you have competitors on a domain similar to yours. In this case, you have every chance to "poach" customers from the "double".

One of the last examples of a successful transition (justifying the second reason for the purchase) - and competed. One of them bought and, if we discard the internal love of brains and requisitions, it seems to have taken a leading position.