Can this domain be developed?

Started by redshrey, Jun 26, 2022, 01:09 PM

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I have the domain it was like bought in Namejet for like around 3K, you think it is a good idea to develop it? well it be competitive because the domain is preimum? What you think the momentazation will work, affiliate?

The seo for the kewyrod is quite competitive not sure if it will be possible to rank and get good money our of it?


Try it and see what happens. That's what innovators and successful people do. They take risks, and through failing they find out what doesn't work in order to reap the benefits of what does work.
Follow all the other sheep and you'll get led to the slaughter house. Try to find the holes in the fence and you might escape from the field. I say might, because you could also get your head stuck in the fence. There's only one way to find out.
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Great domain. I love tools.

What's your goal? Fast money? Hobby project? Monthly income?

Can you do the development and content work or will you have to hire it done? Is that the best use of limited resources of time and money?

How does that compare to parking with ads, renting it, or selling it to a major tool brand?

Do the traffic and keyword research research. See which affiliate programs align. Weigh your pros and cons. Only you can decide.

Best wishes!


It all depends on how much real content you have developed. The domain name itself is beautiful, many businessmen would envy. If you have a clear idea of the scope, I would immediately start developing the resource if I were you. :D


The domain is nice and you definitely should develop it, just make sure your contents is just as good. The audience obviously gonna visit your site because of such interesting domain.


It is quite possible to develop such project "Cordless Drills". But you should be in the topic yourself.
If you sell the domain, it is quite possible for a thousand dollars. But it will probably take a long time to wait, because a specific client is needed.