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Started by Sereda_V_V, Jul 26, 2022, 04:31 AM

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I choose a domain name for the manufacturer's company.
Does it make sense to register a domain that will include a contentious request of 2 words 21 characters long (without a period and a domain zone)?

On the one hand, there are very big sites in the search results and I want to use any methods and the budget is very small (because of this, I don't want to take a branded domain, by the name of the company), and on the other hand,
I have not seen such long domain names in the search results + the domain turns out long and not as beautiful as I used to see in the address bar..
For business cards, an alias to it is a short domain.


It seems that the idea is useful if the request looks natural for your domain.
For example, it does not contain any words denoting action.

For example: "buy children's toys" is not a good query, but
"children's toys" - it will be quite effective and looks natural at the same time.

Я И Бал Крассавиц

 Good afternoon! Most likely, many people have encountered such a situation as yours. And it seems to me that the length should logically be short, for example: Telegram messenger - " " etc. This lightness will in principle help to remember more easily and is effective for yourself.)


The benefits of a short site name:
people are more willing to type a 4-5-6-letter letter in the address or search bar. But with a little predictable Internet user, other factors should also be taken into account. Adapting to the growth of cognitive noise, we are faced with new trends, interfaces and naming – in which so many "own" approaches have been invented in recent years.
But, a short and hard-to-remember name for a site is always worse than a longer name, but which will never be forgotten. Here are some criteria for a good domain .

a domain made of rhymed words
domain compact metaphor – expressing the well–established concept
of a fashionable domain – consonant with a popular expression, with the name "by ear"
associative domain names – are not forgotten by the audience (short ones have already been disassembled)
domain with characters from one area of the keyboard
correct transliteration - the user successfully drives the name of the promoted web site into the search in his native language, and the PS solves the issue with transliterated, also suitable for naming an
original (unusual) domain name after yourself – your site will attract visitors with its name
a clean domain – does not indicate another topic in any way (and why does the ass need an accordion?). Check the selected name for facelessness in the search
multi–faceted in perception (universal domain, suitable for the topic) – together with succinctly named sections – the face of many cool sites
descriptive name of web site – reveals the essence of your activity even to a casual visitor without tedious explanations
just a good domain name - the most suitable thematic focus of web site (for most cases the best option)

A brief tip:
Give preference to low-character in the domain, with the versatility of its perception (for the perspective of scaling), without allowing excessive accumulation of consonants. Avoid using "H", "F"... (the best vowels are "E", "And"). For names with keywords, check whether search engines will highlight them in the output. Keep in mind that your project may grow out of too specific naming. And give up the option without semantic load

Short names for sites are liked by people and search engines. Users of search results prefer short URLs 2.5x times more often than long ones (SERP Google tracking study).
So, brevity in the domain name  increases traffic. In Yandex, a greater number of clicks from search results (relative to a competitor) is also a positive ranking factor.

Another influencing factor is money. And branding. A short domain on the Internet is for an organization as an indicator of solvency. As a rule, choosing a short domain for a site, the company invests in branding, and a small-character name fits into the logo. When a recognizable brand is made from a domain , web site is developed by all methods of promotion. Then, this explains the fact of high ranking in the search, as well as the increased popularity relative to those who had initial problems at the beginning.

It should also be understood that short euphonious domain names were engaged primarily under recognizable brands and have already been established. Their web pages have long been in the index of search engines and overgrown with external links. With a good link profile and no filters, the age of the domain is a significant ranking factor in the search.