DynaDot another "Late Renewal Fee" bug

Started by richtedy, Aug 15, 2022, 12:56 AM

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Some months ago, DynaDot did a mailing list, if the domain is expired, you need to pay more dough. I didn't care then.

Then my domain name expired, another month passed, and the auction ended on it, by the way, successfully for DinaDot, and of course I decided to renew it, naturally assuming some kind of price increase)

domain renewal - $12.99
Late Renewal Fee - $10.00

Cool, topic ... Stimulate to renew on time) Well done)

But not all is lost...

We go to the chat, kick to remove the explorer lock and make a transfer)

It's a pity. There was a normal receptionist..


Today I tried to register one .COM on Dinadot. Price $9.99. I put it in the basket and when it came to payment, Dinadot asked for 10 euros instead of 9.99 dollars.

And he doesn't want to take dollars in any. And yesterday everything was fine. Today, they already want to cut down more.

I have payment by dollars set in the panel - I checked it. But billed in euros all the same. Probably there is a big difference to pay in dollars or the same amount in euros?

I wrote to the support guys that they will continue to cheat - I'm leaving them immediately. Let's see what they answer.


Where they introduced Late Renewal Fee - $10.00. So now they don't pay $ 10, but take it by transfer, as MrKIM wrote. But probably, in order not to do all that at the last moment and not to risk running into a resting support, they remove the private in advance.
Private on expired domain names is turned on automatically, it must be removed before the transfer. Now, if there is no private, then the owner is simply testing how much the domain will go to the auction for.

I myself sometimes did this, until the $10 payment was introduced. Sometimes after that, offers came and even sales were at a price close to the auction. True, the disadvantage is that the domain name will fall out of control for almost 40 days. But I noticed that if the private is removed, then the National Assembly is not Dinadot, but hosting, i.e. domain control is preserved.


DynaDot  is a good registrar. The first payment can (and most likely will) be verified. Maybe they'll just hold it for a week, they can request additional docks in case of doubt (depends on the bank, payment method, card, etc.).
Domains are transferred from them normally, there is an acceptor (a message comes with a link to the mail), i.e. you can speed up the transfer process to another registrar by confirming the transfer.

Of the minuses, the year they introduced an additional one. the fee for renewal 10 days before the start of the GRP period (i.e. in the last 10 days of AutoRenew), when domains are put up for their Expired auction.
This is how they allegedly struggle with monitoring. But domains during this period can be taken to another registrar.