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Started by DenPavlov, Sep 27, 2022, 02:42 AM

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DenPavlovTopic starter

Hello dear forum participants, I have always been interested in the question of whether it is possible to earn on domain names?,
I think there has already been a similar topic, but nevertheless I wonder how anyone had sales last year? I'll tell you about myself. experience is not great in sales yet, especially expensive domain names, there were few sales last year. went to zero.
thanks to those who respond to this topic.


The end of the year was good.

I sold only 2 domains: .pro for $ 4000 and .com for $ 5550
This was enough for me to get into the plus for all the time since 2008.
There are a lot of requests like $100-200, but I'm not interested in it.
Especially now, after the sale.pro for 4k - I know for sure that keys in .pro are not sold for less than 1k

I have this passive income, because there is a main activity, so I am satisfied with everything so far. Previously, there were about 1000 domain names of all sorts of different.
ones, But every day visiting the DNray, for so many years (it's like a second higher education), gave its result. The number was reduced by three.
I left only the "good" ones. Sometimes I see that the domains that I dropped are with sites, with projects or with colleagues.
Which means I'm on the right track.
That's just, sometimes, there is no money at hand to extend during.
Since there is little time, I am now focused only on .рго ,.com and .com.
Yes, there are still 5-6 pieces in new zones, purely for experiment and for the project.

I want such sales to be monthly next year.
But even if, only at the end of the year, he shoots like that again, I will also be very happy.
Success and luck for all of you!