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Title: How is domain name resale value calculated?
Post by: Klesk666 on Jul 03, 2022, 10:34 AM
How is domain name (that you hold for several years) resale value calculated?
Title: Re: How is domain name resale value calculated?
Post by: refkaz on Jul 03, 2022, 10:53 AM
My opinion, everything is individual.
First of all - to recapture investments in the domain (if the domain is 10 years old, lay down the cost of previous payments),
then you should look at the domain name. When a domain is short or a common word - see how much similar ones cost and sell for about the same (if no one takes, gradually reduce when you need to sell urgently).

If the domain is the most common (long, with hyphens, unpopular words), then you won't earn much here - the cost of maintenance for the past years + a small markup for age.
Title: Re: How is domain name resale value calculated?
Post by: Alan Fleming on Jul 04, 2022, 06:27 AM
It's hard to estimate the cost of a domain without a history, but there are several pillars on which the price of any domain is based, namely:
1. Domain level (upper, lower). Everything is obvious here -.CA.UK .COM will cost more than .xyz or .info.
2. The length of the domain name. The shorter - the more expensive (we don't reach the point of absurdity)
3. Uniqueness and understanding. If, when reading a domain name, it is clear what the site is about, and it is written without errors, then the price increases.
4. The domain has keywords. Again, if the site is about medicine, and the name contains the corresponding key, then the price rises again.
5. History. The older the domain, the more expensive it is.
6. Traffic. The more traffic gets to the site, the more expensive the domain.
Title: Re: How is domain name resale value calculated?
Post by: zoesmith01 on Aug 31, 2022, 11:42 AM
Most often, interested buyers expect to spend a certain amount of money on buying a domain name, so in most cases, the main criterion for choosing a domain is price.

When listing a lot in the Domain Store, it is important to specify the buyout price. The more carefully you analyze the purchasing power, the more accurately you will be able to specify the value of your domain name. A correctly determined domain price increases the number of lot views, the number of offers, and ultimately helps to sell the domain quickly and profitably.

When determining the cost of a domain, it is important to consider the following factors:
domain age;
website traffic (if any);
search rankings;
sonority and attractiveness of the domain.

Strategies for determining the value of a domain name:
Low Price Strategy
Specify the minimum price for which you are ready to sell the domain name. In that case, it is not necessary to sell the domain at the specified price. It is allowed to trade at the price of a lot in the Domain Store. If the price offered by the buyer does not suit the seller, he has the right to reject this offer. If the minimum cost is not specified, then it will automatically be assigned as 30% of the buyout price.

Average price strategy
To determine the average cost, compare the prices of competitors for domain names in the same categories. Enter in the search 2-3 tags that your domain falls into.
That way you will find the best price for the domain name. If the buyout price is not specified, then the Contract price will be set for the domain. This means that there will be many offers below your expectations, fewer views of the lot, and the lot may take longer to sell.
You just have to weigh the factors and choose a strategy. A quick sale as a result of a high-quality preliminary analysis and a clear price framework for which you are ready to sell the domain name. Or you are ready to wait until buyers independently form the cost of your domain with a "negotiated" price.