How to pick a drop domain and where to buy it?

Started by maddy58, Jul 23, 2022, 03:14 AM

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maddy58Topic starter

I want to ask a question for those who are already in the subject and are already working closely with drops (trust domains) and will be able to briefly write here not big instruction on the selection and purchase of drops.
Personally, as a complete novice in this business, it is interesting to know the following:

1. According to which indicators you need to buy a drop domain ?
2. Where to find them or from whom to buy?

In my case, drop domains are needed for websites that will be massively flooded with content over 200k - 500k in one sitting at a time and then put on delayed publication for several dozen pages a day, for a determined time.


Depending on what you need to do with it, you can destroy even the best domain.
Working with Bing and Google is completely different.

number indexed pages - it may not give you anything, new pages simply will not be indexed

registration year - year of first registration matters, 2000 is better than 2010

web archive presence  - makes it possible to download pages, nothing else, IMO