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Started by Lechlak, Aug 29, 2022, 10:03 AM

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If I use a domain name similar to a competitor's, but more grammatically correct, to redirect to my website, will that be a violation of the competitor's rights?
Well, for instance, when you enter the airway address, a redirect to aviasales occurs. generally, they have a large package of domain names with redirects to their website. So they don't break anything?


For TS - the domain name is taken away by the court in case of "bad use".

That is about keyword domains. For instance, if one guy has a site, say, on the Pet-Portraits_com domain (in the plural) and has been successfully running his small business there for drawing portraits of all kinds of domestic animals for 11 years. I looked at his site, I liked it, and a year ago I took almost the same domain Pet-Portrait_com (in a single one) and made my own website there and now I also accept orders there.

Now, if my that "partner" wants to harm me, he is unlikely to be able to. Because he has no rights to monopoly ownership of the business of drawing portraits of animals, and no one will ever grant him such a right. also, as he does not have any right to my domain Pet-Portrait_com (singular), since this is a domain name from the correct dictionary words and means a description of the service that I run on it with my client. It is clear that at the same time I take away some of the clients from that "partner", but this is an honest economic struggle and there is no bad faith use of the domain here.

I made two websites myself that way. And I am glad that my "partners" at one time missed these free domains and thus gave me a chance to earn honestly too.

If the domain names were purely fantasy - on this forum they like to be called "domain-naming" - then the situation could be different. For instance, my "partner" has a site on the domain "Murko-Zhlob_com" and has a TM for cat food "MurkoZhlob". When I occupy myself with the domain "Murko - Zhloby_com", I make a site for a cat there, that is, that "partner" may well be inherent, since it is clear to my beloved - including the judge who will break the case - that this is an obvious "bad use of the domain".

Therefore, it is better not to play fantasy names, but to look for keyword domain names for investment. If there are no free ones already, then you would have saved up money and bought one key for normal money, than you would register yourself a couple of hundred pike of any free garbage - from which you will not get rich, and also, you will be able to find yourself tied to one place.


You can register any free domain, avoiding in writing registered trademarks, for example, sony.site, microsoft.com.ua etc.
The rest is at your discretion, and search engines do not react to similar domain names in any way, although they sometimes take into account the occurrence of key queries in the domain name.

You need to acquire ownership of everything related to this domain name so that you can avoid any embarrassments in the future, including provocations by impostors with "fake" websites.