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Started by Harish, Aug 19, 2022, 03:34 AM

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Accidentally deleted my collection of word lists. I managed to find only "500 most popular words" on the some forum.
Perhaps somebody can share useful lists? Particularly interested in premium words.


what are "premium words"? Which is the criterion for their premium?

If you need anything in English, then there are a lot of such lists, for example, here: - in the popular.txt file there are 25 thousand of some popular words.

If there are no special criteria, then you can find a lot of things: - popular words according to the Google Translate team - many names from the Facebook dump - just a little bit: names, surnames, cities, words - hodgepodge (including names of gods and fish names)

All this is quite easy to google, especially if you know what you are looking for.
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A paid set of tools designed to work with the semantic core. In it, you can collect key queries, analyze the written text for the occurrence of keywords and analyze the text for compliance with the subject
The service is linked to the Yandex search engine, which means that its use will be most effective for promotion in this particular search engine.
Cost of use: from $15 per month.

The easiest-to-learn tool for working with key queries.

People who have created the KWFinder interface should be given an additional bonus for their desire to create a "human" product. For example, KWFinder evaluates the difficulty of promotion for each found key and shows this value right in the list of finds, opposite each word. If you speak English well, be sure to try this service (especially since there is a free 10—day version).

The free Ubersuggest program is an excellent assistant to an SEO specialist.

Collects all the "standard" indicators necessary for an adequate assessment of the suitability of keywords.
Shows information about search queries used for promotion by competitors.
Gives hints on working with backlinks.
Tells about other interests of users using the keywords they are looking for.
Shows the degree of perspective of the desired keys.

Keyword Tool
The free version of Keyword Tool generates up to 750+ keywords for each search query. Collects search suggestions, frequency, and can analyze competitor domains.
From the chips — in addition to Google, the service collects phrases from Bing, eBay, AppStore, Amazon and YouTube.

The service is mainly intended for grouping search queries. At the same time, it copes with large amounts of data, saving time for webmasters. It is also possible to collect keywords and search suggestions from Yandex.
But the service is paid, the cost of use starts from $15 per month.
A tool for analyzing search queries, which also has a free version in which you will find complementary phrases, query databases, site comparison, cleaning implicit duplicates, analyzing competitors by phrases, and so on. The cost of the paid tariff starts from 1,500 thousand per month.

Google Trends
Using Google Trends, you can analyze the popularity of a search query by city or region. It is very convenient for those whose business specializes in one city to view similar queries and compare their company with a competitor.

From interesting things in Google Trends:
A separate scoreboard showing the degree of popularity of the selected search query. You can add several keys to it and compare which ones are searched for more often.
Search for key queries in YouTube.