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Started by BrettUK, Aug 03, 2022, 02:14 AM

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I need to attach mail to a live website written in WP. When writing the site, the possibility of working with mail was not provided. Server own. Main goal: an email address with the domain name of my site!
I heard about Mail for Domain offered by Google.
The question is: will this be an expedient solution, will the mail format be saved??

I will be happy your help with advice.


1. at the domain registrar (on which the mail will be placed), create MX records of the form xхx.xхx.xхx.xхx xхx.xхx.xхx.xхx xхx.xхx.xхx.xхx
where xхx.xхx.xхx.xхx is the IP address of the server on which the email domain will be running
2. set up a mail server on the aforementioned bundle (to be honest, I haven't used such ones - therefore I couldn't say anything specifically about setting up). Unless I can advise you to take a closer look at Mozilla Thunderbird
3. ports are opened by appropriate firewall rules
4. it's better to use imap (port 143) instead of pop - read wikipedia for differences
5. Check the server ip-address on which the mail server will spin in the black lists of spam lists

That's all


If you use webhosting, then the connection of corporate mail based on the domain will be absolutely free. Go to web hosting control panel. In the menu there will be a section Mail - Mail domains. Add your domain there if it hasn't been added yet.

Next, go to the Mailboxes section and create your first email login, for example admin@******.
After creating a mailbox, you can go to the mail web interface, where you can send and receive corporate mail.
Advanced users will be able to configure the work of mail on their mail clients and in mail applications for mobile devices.