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Started by Ryar, Jun 23, 2022, 09:12 AM

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Hello, do you have any Apprise  regarding the domain keyword Mobile Shop Near Me (Dot) Com? Thank you.


It seems like you have put a lot of effort into developing and maintaining your website, which is a commendable accomplishment. You have incorporated various tags and categories for different purposes, which is impressive. Your website has generated Google keyword traffic due to your content hooks.

Although your domain name is lengthy, it contains excellent keywords and a worldwide extension. However, the grammar on your site needs improvement, and spammy ads on the homepage should be removed. Your website should aim to become a comprehensive directory of mobile shops, with a focus on reviewing them in major cities near significant transportation hubs, sport venues, and shopping precincts.

 Consider analyzing your user demographics to understand their priorities and how they differ from Google Business. You can significantly enhance your traffic by creating separate Hindi and Spanish versions of your website, as most of your traffic comes from India and Spain. Capitalize on this traffic by using landing pages for stockists of particular brands such as Vivo. This strategy will help you rank higher for relevant Google searches.

Finally, consider using generic store images with attribution or images from Google Maps Street View for your website, and utilize sub-domains and folders for different countries and languages.


I don't see any potential source of income from this website. It currently has no content, and it is unlikely that it ever will. The lack of smartphone tricks or advice means that there is nothing to attract visitors. Due to the rapid changes in smartphone technology,

it is nearly impossible to create content for this site that will remain relevant and generate traffic over time. As a result, current traffic levels are low, making it difficult to earn significant revenue through AdSense. Therefore, it would be wise to consider building a new website centered around topics such as news, travel, city directories, cryptocurrency, or other popular trends.

 Even with a successful SEO campaign and strong backlinks, traffic levels may remain too low to generate meaningful income with AdSense.
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It appears that the website is currently unavailable. Is this due to technical issues or have you abandoned the project?