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Started by Ryar, Jun 23, 2022, 09:12 AM

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Any Apprise for this keyword domain Mobile Shop Near Me ( Dot ) Com


I can see you have worked very hard to create and update your website. Most people will never get to where you are right now for whatever reason. So hats off to you my good man. I also like you created many different tags and categories for different things over time.

What happened is you went fishing and set your hooks out and your content hooks caught some Google key word fish. I like your domain name even though it's quite long. Good keywords. Good extension for worldwide. Get an English translator. Your website grammar is appalling. Saying that for your own benefit. Get rid of all the spammy ads on the homepage. What is the purpose of your website? Should be a very solid directory of mobile shops.

Your posts should be reviews of mobile phone shops. Start with major cities. If it was my web site it would be focused on mobile shops near major airports, major shopping precincts, major transport hubs, major sports venues. Where are your users coming from? How are you better than Google Business? Think about what you are helping people to achieve. Then work on your technical mess.
Mobile loading speed 20,3 seconds
Desktop loading speed 5,6 seconds
Not mobile friendly

Poor homepage meta title " Looking mobile shop near me, all brand new mobile show room near me, samsung shop near me, apple mobile shop near, vivo shop, mobile near me. "
175 served Google pages is a very good start. You have installed Yoast and Site Kit plug-ins, meaning you have access to Analytics and Console. Why aren't you using these tools? I see your search engine traffic went up significantly between August 2021 and September 2021. What caused this increase?

Most of your traffic comes from India ( English or Hindi ) and Spain ( Spanish ). Have you created Hindi and Spanish versions of your website to capitalise on this traffic? Most of your Google traffic is about a company called " Vivo ". The reason for this is Vivo website doesn't list stockists. Why don't you start by listing all Vivo stockists in India ( English and Hindi ) and Spain ( Spanish ) in a directory format so each entry has its own landing page? Keywords " vivo showroom near me " for India ( English ) is 9900 / month and you are receiving traffic already at position 16. Similar for India ( Hindi ).

Follow my advice and watch what happens to your traffic mate. The information is already in the public domain and not protected by Trademark. Use generic store images or images from streetview at Google Maps with attribution. Consider maybe buy mobile shop near me dot es but dot in belongs to somebody else.
Try sub-domain for different country and folder name for different language. So for India Hindi it can be in dot mobile shop near me forward slash hi forward slash page file name. Thank me later bro. Got questions post here I don't do private messages any more.


I don't see here any source of income.
This site has no content and never will have.
You have no smartphone tricks, advice on how to solve or fix the problem... etc.. nothing to attract visitors..

Smartphones versions change so quickly that you never can just fill this site with content and leave it getting traffic and generating income.
Meanwhile, your traffic is less than 5k daily, your Adsense income will be very low..
But I don't see here any other way for another income source..

Just leave it and build a good news site, travel guide, city directory, listing, crypto, or another actual trend-related site..

Even if you make a good SEO campaign and get a lot of good backlinks and increase your DA, any way you will not get enough traffic, that's mean don't even think about AdSense.. no chance..
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Looks like the site is down. Are these technical problems or have you abandoned the project?