Please review the new website of the London domain summit

Started by lovtzova, Jun 21, 2022, 04:24 AM

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lovtzovaTopic starter

Hey guys and ladies,

Feedback and constructive criticism is the best thing when starting a new website, and it would be great to receive some valuable feedback from the DNray community for the website I am doing for the Domain industry summit in London this August.



I don't understand the purpose of this site.
Did somebody order you this website and you ask about the design?
Or it is your own project?
But then what can this site be used for after the summit?

The site looks nice on desktop mode and on phone.
The tablet mode is not good - not enough responsive.
The header is not good.
The logo is not good.
The Forum menu is not enough responsive.


Strange site. As I understand it, only one page. This is not a website, and not even a business card.
Feeling like I was in a train station. Almost no useful information. There is no design. What a nonsense.