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Started by rafiazafar, Oct 24, 2022, 12:52 AM

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In general, guys, about 5 months ago there was an idea, I needed a web site, a company name and money, but after a few months I was told that my idea was crap, but I already bought 2 domain names and regretted it (advice to everyone for the future, if you want to implement any idea, do not rush to buy something right away-then, until you consult with everyone and decide that we are definitely starting).

So, I recently found free hosting and I had 2 questions:
 I want to create a website with books, well, so that you can download and download books, there are many such sites, but sometimes you get tired of searching and watching ads. And at least I'll try to do better. But what about copyrights? it seems that after 60 years, any book can be published, it's public domain, m?
 If this idea is shitty, do you have any ideas? I've already paid for the sites anyway, at least I'd try something.


Why do you need 2 domain names at the initial stage? And why buy them right away? You can do it for free at first.
i.e., do you already have sites or have you paid the company for development?

No one will share ideas with a stranger. And the domains are in the zone .de cost $20 each, so you hardly lost much money.
Immediately fuck free hosting, I pay $2 a month for 3 years, the site was unavailable for a couple of years and then when the data center was on fire and they moved.
And I was sitting on a free one a day for several times in the off .