2 month rule when selling domain names

Started by Padonag, Aug 31, 2022, 01:12 AM

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Tell me please. Soon the first year of my domaining. Some domain names expire in a month. I heard something about the fact that there is some kind of restriction on the transfer 2 months before the end. What does it mean? If I now find a buyer for one of the domain names, can I transfer it?
We are talking about the .COM domain zone. What are its limitations?


For .com:
- The transfer takes place within 7 days, as a rule. The transfer requires a domain name authorization code. It turns out the code at the registrar.
- The domain cannot be transferred within 60 days from the date of registration
- The registrar sends control requests to check the operability of the registrant's contact e-mail. If the request is not confirmed, the clientHold status is set to the domain name, in which the domain does not work and cannot be transferred.

Domain name lifecycle:
upon completion of the domain transfer is not possible. As a rule, for 31 days, after the end, the domain goes into the redemption period.
After that, the domain name needs to be redeemed at a very hefty price (usually 10 times higher). On the 60th day, the domain name begins the deletion process, which lasts 15 days.


Domain names in the zones .com, .net, .org and others:
It can be extended no earlier than 55 days before the expiration date. If the domain name is not renewed before the end of its registration period, the domain will be removed from delegation, and your website and mail will be unavailable.

Within 30 days after the end of the registration period, you will have a preferential extension of the domain name.
This means that no one else will be able to buy your domain name. If you do not have time to renew the domain within this period, it will go into the queue for deletion from the registry and go into free sale.  This process takes another 5 days. Thus, after the registration period ends, you will have another 35 days to renew the domain name.