Anonymous domain, where the letter comes from Whois

Started by justinthomsony, Jul 21, 2022, 12:58 AM

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justinthomsonyTopic starter

Good day,
ran into such a problem with a hidden personal domain data, when I try to send a verification code for confirming the rights to the domain, mail pops up where the code like will come and there should be a redirect from GoDaddy to my mail, but nothing comes. Anybody faced it?

Solved the problem, opened Hiding personal data and then hid it again.


Reliability in such case is a relative concept.
At GoDaddy, domains are transferred between partner account and your direct account by a snap of your fingers.
And so, of course, if there is a desire to pay extra money, create similar topics and be sure of imaginary reliability, then this is a purely personal matter.


You need to use the services of trusted partners, with many years of practice (there are a number of such partners on that forum), for whom, at least for reputational reasons, such an idea is unacceptable.
hаckers, intruders, yes, hаck accounts, hijack domain names, but so that a partner or registrar steals their clients' domains and at the same time continues to work, and even cases are very frequent, where do such stories come from?