Bought a domain with a history

Started by zoesmith01, Aug 26, 2022, 01:28 AM

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zoesmith01Topic starter

I bought a domain with a history, the theme is the same as the website that I am doing on it. I found that site with articles in the archive. The domain was last used in 2014. I forgot to check it, and when a letter with a proposal for parsing came from the parsers, I realized that it was with history. Although, in fact, there is only one page on the website, but still, literally the next day, Google indexed it. Although other sites from the beginning of their existence had to wait for days and weeks.

Whether there is a sense to work with such domain?
A website (which was previously on the purchased domain) of a normal theme on the same subject, I create a new one, so I selected the most interesting domain for a long time and in the end I didn't really like it, well, I think it's okay, but I forgot to check it. And I don't know what to do with him now, Google writes that so far everything is good. I don't know, but maybe I can pull out some articles from the archive.


If the domain name matches the old white theme, I wouldn't worry about writing it.
You can also take several articles from the webarchive with a little revision, preferably in the first paragraphs, but of course the emphasis should be on fresh articles.
Well, Google support gives the green light, already calmer) .

if in the past the site was with good content, but its restoration on the same domain can have a positive effect on promotion. In fact, for the SEs it will no longer be a new website, but an old one with old content. And after restoration, it can already be promoted.
In general, restored sites from the webarchive are often used to make money on  some sites.