Domain name for search engines

Started by Sarpedon, Aug 01, 2022, 10:39 AM

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SarpedonTopic starter

Is there a difference for search engines when choosing a domain between .DE, .COM, .NET?

Can a domain zone affect the SEs place?


For search engines, no, and the place in the SERP does not depend on this, there is only a psychological moment.
If the website is planning to attract traffic from several countries at the same time, for example, from France, Ukraine, Germany, Kazakhstan, it is better to take .com or .org.

The use of keywords in the domain name of your website can have a positive impact on the effectiveness for search engine optimization.

Saurav Tiwari

Availability of the country code in the domain.
The presence of the page code in the top - level domain ( .FR, .UA, .DE, etc.) may have a positive effect on the ranking of web site in the selected region, but may also have a negative effect on the ranking in global search.
If your company operates only in France, from the point of view of SEO , it is more correct to choose a top - level domain .FR

the most important factor is the domain history. How do I check if another web site was attached to this domain name? How was he ranked and were sanctions applied to it?
Search engines can impose sanctions on a domain name and when connecting a new site, you may encounter a low ranking problem. Unfortunately, in most cases, nothing can be done about it.


As i know, searching engines (for instance Google) use kinds of pattern, keys an ML-models (in these days). Domain type/names do not impact into search process.