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Started by seanmarshall, Nov 07, 2022, 01:27 AM

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In general, this area (resale of domain names) in my humble opinion should be eliminated. You can call it business or investment, but this particular sector only spoils the Internet.
So you took a "beautiful" domain name in time, and you don't make a website and you break prices and don't let other people use it.

I offer for domain registrars:

1) If the domain is empty for a year, even despite the payment - take it away from the owner and put it in free access.

2) If a cunning overbought puts a business card on the domain site, in order to avoid rule 1, oblige to have at least 50 (offer an alternative number) visitors per day. If less - to take away the rights to the domain and put it in free access. If we visit the site very little, then it means that it does not benefit society and means that it has no place on the Internet (yes, dictatorship!), or a place, but on a different domain.

At least let the cost of holding domain names for resale grow.
Yes, catching up with a daily audience of 50 unique people is not a very expensive task for SEOs, but the algorithm needs to be updated with new rules until I come up with them :) But I know for sure that it's bestiality to sit like a toad. business damn


TS, let me guess - you decided to open a super-profitable business, chose a domain name, decided that it was unique, hired a freelancer for a logo and went to register the domain - and the domain name is occupied, is for sale and they ask for it (by your standards) "very good".
And this caused you a wave of indignation and burning in the lumbar region.

Only this is a business, quite legal and you can't close it alone.
Well, for those who are smarter than a toothpick, he does not interfere.


Domain purchase and resale.
This is one of the most common and affordable ways to earn money on a domain name. What you need to do: find a domain that will be interesting to potential buyers and may cost much more now or later, register it and then sell it for a large sum.
The minimum amount to start is only $2. That's how much it costs to register, for example, a domain.XYZ (price without discount — $20).