Domain rent. How to insure?

Started by Lechlak, Aug 06, 2022, 12:59 AM

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LechlakTopic starter

If there are those here who are engaged in the delivery of domain names for rent, I ask you to help the novice landlord in answering a few questions.

1. How do you ensure that your domain name does not get banned by PS? Written contract? But for this you need to be nearby, which significantly reduces the consumer audience.

2. A similar question about prohibited information on the website. If this friend decides to post an ad for the sale of some garbage, or miss such an ad from one of his users, they will come to you to figure it out. Because the domain name is yours. And go and prove that you are not a camel. Output: the notorious written contract? Or a ban on the creation of closed pages, and a regular check of the site for content?

By itself, I consider rent to be the future of the domain business. Because it does not require large investments from the client, and from the domainer - getting rid of valuable assets (in the form of domains). At the same time, a number of well-chosen domain names at one time are quite capable of feeding a domainer on rent alone.


it only works as an option for a full transfer of rights with the possibility of unlimited installments. For instance, we charge an initial fee every year with the right to use the domain name for a year, unless the full rights are redeemed.

1. Nothing. The risk always remains. Almost any domain name can be withdrawn from the sanctions of the SEs.

2. The contract is terminated without the return of "unspent funds", but only in the most extreme cases.

We need to stop thinking of these domain names as just our own assets. If you want to live on it (if the available domains allow) and with a high probability remain an administrator, raise the cost of the ransom, however, the attractiveness of the service is greatly reduced.