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Started by vikov, Jul 19, 2022, 10:22 AM

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Good day!
Why aren't .shop domains so popular?
Does anybody have domains in this zone?


No one needs such new domain zones, except for registrars and zone owners who will get a loot of money from them who will harbor illusions about huge dollar profits.
There are a lot of free names that would cost thousands of dollars in the .com zone


The SHOP domain zone is intended only for online stores, the STORE domain zone is a replacement. In comparison, the SHOP is a "workshop" and the Store is a "warehouse".
  It is very popular in Japan, maybe not as much as it is here due to destination restrictions.


How do search engines treat non-standard domain zones?
Representatives of Google  have never given an unambiguous answer to questions about the ranking of websites from different domain zones. Therefore, there is no reason to believe the claims that projects on .shop or .com is advancing better than the rest.

Problems with promotion can be only because of the mistakes of the site owners.  But if you have chosen a thematic domain .SHOP for your online store, you have much more chances of successful promotion.

Than the domain .SHOP will attract customers to your site
A well—chosen thematic domain is a powerful tool for business promotion. Especially if it is short, easy to pronounce and quickly remembered.
The domain name will enhance the perception of your brand every time you launch targeted advertising and publish posts on social networks.

Moreover, even before going to the website, your audience will understand what your project is focusing on. This means that your chances of promoting your business increase again, since non-target customers will be eliminated already at this stage. All that remains is to add the brand name to the web address - for instance, as the owners of the website did.

And you also have a great opportunity to expand and enter the international market, because the domain .SHOP is not tied to any country.
Cross-border trade is very developed now, which means that your chances of getting more customers are increasing.