Don't sell your domains for 11 years

Started by ruschan, Aug 11, 2022, 09:00 AM

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Now many of you are selling your domains for $1,000 on average, not realizing that in 11 years they will rise in price by 20-30 times. Just like once (or very recently) they were sold for $20.

Those who are now selling for $1,000 are making a huge mistake, for instance, we have, which 20 years ago cost reg-fi, and now their cost reaches $1 million.

The most popular zone in the world .com is more expensive than ever, and will rise in price all the time - because it is the most important, which means that the maximum number of people will register domains in it and raise its price automatically each day.

The only thing that you will have to pay for the domain from year to year is that for 11 years of the life of the domain it will take $ 110, but in eleven years it will pay off in tens of thousands.

Think about why the Chinese so "easily" buy everything, and you sell them for a sweet soul.


Before listening to such advice, think about who actually gives them and for which purpose? I am sure that TS sold less than 10 domains and no more than $1000.

From my own experience, the more serious a person and his achievements, the less categorical in his judgments. A successful broker will never give you a 100% guarantee of where the market will move tomorrow, let alone 11 years ahead.

There is a market, and there is always, someone buys and someone sells.

It is not known whether domains will be in 11+ years, etc., maybe everything will come to the unification of Internet addresses in general, or something new will appear.
You need to sell only wisely, so that it covers not only costs and, for instance, brings 100% profit, but so that it brings significant profit, so that you can spend 60% of it on buying new domain names at market prices, for example, and 40% of the profit remains in your pocket , and this is the minimum - I consider only such a sales model to be correct.


Eight years ago, when I was looking for a short domain name for my project at the GoDaddy auction, I accidentally came across to

It cost 700 dollars. The abbreviation for my project did not fit, so I did not buy it.
I bought a suitable four-letter (sbup_com) domain for $ 1,500.

And now even the most seedy three-letter in the .com zone can be quickly sold for 10K dollars. And if you can wait, up to hundreds of thousands dollars can reach.

It's sad of course that I didn't buy it.