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Started by zetta81, Jun 23, 2022, 01:25 PM

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We have a website up for sale - This website has been developed using WordPress, PMPro membership plugin, and Elementor plugin while the Domain was registered on 8 April 2022 but has expired on 8 April 2023 with Registrar Namesilo.

The website is beneficial for those looking to browse and obtain dropship products from different niches. The website has a membership style where members can view trending products along with product descriptions, images, Amazon links, eBay links, Facebook ads, and competitor store links (if available). The site is updated daily with new winning dropship products that you can use to sell online.

Subscription-wise, there are two options for members – monthly ($9) or yearly ($90), which can be viewed on the pricing page. We will transfer all contents on your hosting, but the website currently has no traffic or generated revenue.

By purchasing the website, you will acquire the content, domain name, and installation support for 30 days. Please note that web hosting needs to be arranged separately.

We are starting the auction at USD35 with an increment of USD1 and a BIN price of USD190. Payments will only be accepted through Paypal, and the auction will end seven days after the last bid.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to comment below or send us a PM.


Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded Alphabet holding company, which will now include Google. As reported by technology blog, Alphabet will pay $9 annually to use the .xyz domain name for the company's website. The domain owner, Daniel Nagari, confirmed this information. However, the amount that Google paid for was not disclosed under the agreement.

Daniel Nagari registered the website on his domain on March 20, 2014, using MarkMonitor, which he refers to as "the real estate agent of the internet" that assists big players by purchasing property for them when they want to keep their name confidential in a deal. Although the contract's amount was not revealed, Nagari affirms that Alphabet needs to pay an annual fee like all other users.

The price mentioned by Nagari in the comment is slightly different from what his company, .XYZ, offers in the Pricing section, which is $10.


How frequently are new winning dropship products added to the website, and what criteria are used to select these products?

Are there any restrictions or limitations on the number of products that can be accessed by members, or is there an unlimited catalog available?

Can you provide some insights into the potential revenue generation opportunities for the website, and what strategies could be implemented to attract traffic and increase sales?