Google has started a new top-level domain .DAY

Started by organictextiles, Jul 20, 2022, 10:45 PM

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organictextilesTopic starter

Google Registry has started a new top-level domain .day.

Early access registration started. The cost of the new TLD ranged from $180 to $16,420 (for premium domains).

On February, general registration opened. The price after the opening of general registration was $20 per year.

You can learn more about prices and participating partners on the site.

Leading brands have already get such options as, and


I wonder if there will be privileges in Google search on such domains?

It makes sense for huge companies to get such name of their sites, so that neither competitors nor anyone else takes it. Small companies should think twice.


We can only say that Google is really to big to fail  ;D
 I think such companies will invest a lot in the domains they've started.
And what do you think? What future does the .day have? Will it be successful?


New domain name .day should provide a specialized domain name space for websites related to special, memorable and key dates, as well as important events online or offline.
That domain name significantly expands the possibilities of Internet users in choosing names for second-level domains.  Registration processing period .day makes up Instantly.


Pretty creative domain ;)  But I suppose it will be popular until all the red-letter days will be registered. And I haven`t seen a lot of companies that have the word `day` in the name  :-\