How to connect domain to cPanel site

Started by nisha03, Aug 21, 2022, 11:24 AM

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nisha03Topic starter

I have a website hosted

It is currently working on HTML
I want to move it to WordPress
To do that, I installed a WordPress script
Basically the installation went well.
And now I don't understand how to connect a domain to WordPress.
Please tell me how it's done I completely forgot.

I think this is something weird domain registrar
the old website was completely demolished from the hosting and the site still plows like the old one
48 hours have almost passed and the dns campaign has not yet changed. I'm shocked


if the website is available from the same provider on another computer, then the cache means.
And you don't have to lick anything, just, as mentioned above, clear your browser cache.

If you don't know how to clear the cache, type in Google "how to clear the chrome cache " or another browser, thousands of repetitions of instructions on where to poke the mouse with pictures.
For the very gifted, there are similar videos on YouTube.

Or use some software like CCleaner

To be safe, look at what is written in your hosts file (windows/system32/drivers/etc).