ICANN - how much does own domain zone cost?

Started by gurujeet, Jul 29, 2022, 09:47 AM

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Actually the question is in the title? ICANN - how much does own domain zone cost?
For example .xx or .xo or .sdflosowei - it doesn't matter)))

What could be price?


Two-letter zone cannot be registered. they are only for states.

Every zone has its own registry. You will have to make sure it works. Plus, the interaction with it is controlled by a software package located on your side. Also your concern, more or less regular, not to notice the creation or purchase of this software. Engagement with ICANN is also your concern. And a whole lot of things, including the regular payment for the zone itself at ICANN.

Here you can get a domain name with your last name in any existing zone without a hassle - the registrar you have chosen will be responsible for it. And to become the owner of the zone and the registrar yourself - you need to fulfill a number of points and take on obligations. At the same time, it does not matter whether you allow somebody to register domains in this zone or not - this is your business.


The cost of an application for obtaining your own name on the network will be $ 185 thousand.
But, as practice shows, this is not the biggest cost item," says Alexander Panov, managing partner of the Hosting Community group of companies.
A company that decides to become the administrator of a new domain name zone will have to build a technical infrastructure and promote domain names.

The total cost of zone administration can amount to several million dollars, and the company needs to understand all the financial risks associated with that. Do not expect a large number of applications for new domain name zones, says Panov.

It estimates the costs of building infrastructure and legal support for his own first-level domain in the amount of $1 million and above.
In addition to the monetary contribution, an organization wishing to obtain a domain name will have to fulfill a number of conditions set by ICANN. You can't just buy a domain name like that.

Global public organizations are a humanitarian action, ICANN will subsidize them, partially finance the procedure itself.
Finally, urban domain names will require a special infrastructure and legal organization at the local level. After all, for instance, all residents of the metropolis will potentially be able to register their site on the .metropolis  domain, and this will require separate regulation.