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Started by bcetindra, Nov 13, 2022, 02:03 AM

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Transferred domain to VDS.
Mirrors two crawled out during the transfer.

It turned out that these domain names are also on TimeWeb (hosting) and they have the same IP address.

Support Response:


    IP is assigned only to your server. However, other users can specify any IP as an A-record for their domains, including yours, and in this case the domain names will lead to your server.

    For our part, we cannot prohibit clients from installing the desired A-records.

    In this case, you need to configure your web server so that the site opens only when accessing it from the domain you need.

    If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact us.

So here's the question.
How to set up our web server so that the site opens only when you access it from the domain you need.?

Who has sites on VDS Timeweb, I think they understand the situation.


Mirrors are considered to be completely identical web sites, and these are just sites on the same ip. It's okay, it happens on one ip and 100 sites or more.

The simplest, and probably the most profitable option is to create virtual hosts in the web server with the name of mirrors (or any other hosts at all) and set up 301 redirects to the main site there.
So, you can also get some kind of influx of traffic from mirror visitors.


Mirrors, according to search engines, are sites with content that matches 80 percent or more. There can be as many of them as you want. The owner has the opportunity to assign the main mirror to Google.Webmaster either manually, otherwise the search robots will automatically do this work for him.
Automatic mirror selection can lead to sagging positions and loss of traffic. In Google, the main mirror is always assigned an address with https, and to change this, you will have to tinker.

To change mirrors, use Google.Webmaster, rel=canonical tags for Google or 301 redirect. The latter method is preferred, works in all search engines. Instructions in the file robots.txt robots are ignored, although the masters still prescribe them there.
Carefully select the performers you trust with the password and access to Google.Webmaster and the root of the site. Unscrupulous contractors can steal traffic from companies through a copy of their pages. In this case, you will have to completely replace your content for posting.

Do not transfer the site to a new domain without preparation. First, copy the previous version and register it as the main mirror. When search engines digest these changes and traffic moves to a new mirror, start redesigning and replacing content.
When prescribing a redirect, be prepared for a decrease in traffic and pages falling out of indexing. Only after the complete relocation, attendance and other parameters will be restored.
Set up the redirect page by web page, do not try to glue all the pages of one site with the main page of another.