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Started by auditmaster, Nov 19, 2022, 01:23 AM

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A similar question has probably not been raised earlier here, I am not aware of other forums yet, because I am looking badly.
I decided to create a web site with аdult content (not a pоrn site!). Since my country  likes to block web sites, mine will also soon get on the list and I will fall before I gain a regular audience.

And now the task for me is to make the site unblockable even after being added to the blocked list. Telling everyone about the TOR or I2P network is not an option, since they will not do a routine for a small site.
I read about a BitTorrent-based PeerCDN website, but this is also probably not an option, since visitors will not stay on my site forever.
I need a way that will work accurately and the site will always be available.

What options can you offer?


The best way, as for me, is to enter the top 3 for target queries with a constant change of domain name in case of blocking. Then the audience will be more or less stable and you will dodge the locks.
And of course, to conduct exercises in the likeness of a BitTorrent, although right now everyone who needs to have plug-ins installed to bypass the locks and do not sweat. You could also suggest installing plugins to avoid problems with locks.

Well, another option is to change the region of the target audience, which will not be blocked.