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Started by Clay_P, Nov 26, 2022, 01:00 AM

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Starting a project to create a non-commercial website, I am interested in the question- how desirable is the registration of not only the main domain, but also similar names on other domains (.net;.com, etc.)? Perhaps this can allow you to organize load distribution, or am I mistaken in this?

Excuses about: "Who will also need to register it", "yes, there will be little traffic there", etc. I do not want to accept. Interested in the essence.
And in general, will it be possible to influence in any way the "copy-paste" of your site or domain name?
For instance, a complaint to the hosting provider will give something, or, as a last resort, a court.


Load distribution will not give you any if you link all the domains to one hosting - the domain is just the name by which you can find the site so as not to search by IP. Clustering and balancing are needed to distribute the load.
It all depends on the audience and the orientation of web site.

If the site is planned as an international one, then you can register domains in national zones and let traffic from them not to the main page, but to localization pages, where, for example, you can immediately set the language, addresses of regional representatives and the like. In this case, it will be more convenient to redirect primary traffic to auxiliary servers to unload the main one.
There is also a third option: when companies post their names in all popular zones at once, so as not to compete in courts with patent trolls who will register all sorts of "" and will trade with you huge sums for domain redemption.


It is known that if you glue two domains together, then their strength will be greater, but only if there are already some indicators. For example, you bought a domain for a new project and started developing it (a website). Your domain is young and it should take at least six months for it to get more or less decent indicators.
Until this happens, do not think about high positions on competitive queries.
But suddenly you come across a free released domain, close in name to your subject and with certain indicators.

So, you buy the released domain and make it a mirror of the main one. After some time (several weeks or months) your main domain will receive the indicators of the second one, since for search engines it will practically be the same domains.

For example, there were reviews of computer games about cars, and you are going to make a website about their repair. It turns out that the reference mass there was increased even by thematic links, but then they do not suit you according to your subject.
Or even worse, the purchased domain may have a bad history. In general, there are enough pitfalls here.