Selling domain name together with web site

Started by MARK PETERSON, Oct 19, 2022, 02:59 AM

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MARK PETERSONTopic starter

There are domain names on tourism topics. I think I'll try to make a website for them. Take ready-made engines/ templates. In this regard, I have questions for more experienced:
 Can I sell the domain name together with the site if web site is made on a ready-made template?
 Where can I sell a domain with a website? I know exactly what is possible on the flip. But this site is small.
 In your experience, how significantly does this increase the interest and cost of the domain? In addition, then there will already be a web site, not a landing page for sale.

I have .com domain names.
In theory, I want to file an auction. Make a mass mailing to target databases with an offer to buy this domain together with the site now or participate in an auction. You can also post on sedo if together with web site, right?


Flippa is not small, there is also sedo, from all domain stores have registrars, as well as telderi and the like.
And of course our forum.
Selling a domain name with sites on a free ready-made template will be relevant only for some webmaster, and then if the pages are in the index. Flippa is not small, but there is a paid placement and serious things are sold, not single-page sites. Somehow I hardly see this idea with mailings, auctions and other things.
End doesn't need it, and a webmaster can't buy a landing page for a lot of money. I would not advise investing a lot of resources in such a thing, at most to drive pages into the index.


One of the elements of business promotion in the Internet space is the creation of your own website, the address of which is a domain name (domain). But, anyone who decides to create their own website may have problems. For example, a company wants to register a domain name that matches its brand name or trademark, but this domain name is already occupied.
Also, the organization may be interested in not wasting time on promotion, but to purchase an existing domain name along with a site that is reflected in the leading positions in the search engine.