Site on Domain Increases Sales?

Started by ACKET, Oct 01, 2022, 12:04 AM

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ACKETTopic starter

There have been sporadic complaints about low requests/sales lately.
The slowdown in sales may be due to the current unstable economic prospects in many countries.
I'm asking if creating a site with a domain can increase sales. I am sure that there are experienced domain developers here who can share their experience.
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I think such a domain increases sales provided:
domain with age
domain by subject
with  backlinks
it has content (even minimally articles and pages)
it has never really been promoted
the link profile is not spammed
, there is not much on it, but
the domain does not have an organic filter traffic

Sumpi Bi

Trying to create and use a .SHOP domain will perfectly solve your problem with low sales. If it is thematic and short and will match the theme of your product. It is also a great opportunity to expand horizons, develop cross-border trade and enter the international market, because the .SHOP domain is not tied to any country. Registration of a .SHOP domain is simple, no additional documents are needed, even if you do not have a legal entity, you can still create your site in the .SHOP zone