Transfer a domain in the .net zone

Started by vpnyadav, Dec 02, 2022, 03:29 AM

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vpnyadavTopic starter

Hello everybody. I have an old website, the domain is registered for my data. I don't really need it, and now I've found a buyer for it. The purchase condition is with the change of the domain administrator.
I have never been involved in domain transfer before, so the question arose: how to transfer domain name management correctly. In general, all the rights to it?
Can I do it online? I have heard that domains in international zones are somehow easier to transfer.

Domain in the .net zone.

Reena Mehta

the most important thing is to make sure that you are not deceived: sometimes it happens - the transfer of money after the transfer of the domain to another admin. you transfer the domain, but you don't get any money.
if the buyer wants to make a transfer, then the money is in advance or through a guarantor.
but there may also be pitfalls: sometimes the buyer offers his guarantor, who is actually his accomplice, so read reviews about the guarantor before selling.