Boost your site revenue with DAO.AD advertising platform

Started by diy05, Sep 04, 2022, 04:18 AM

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diy05Topic starter

Hi there!

DAO.AD is an advanced advertising platform that helps monetize and convert web traffic. The platform offers various advertising formats, including push notifications, iCalendar, pop-under/pop-up, InPage Push, and video. Thousands of webmasters and advertisers rely on DAO.AD for quality traffic and growing revenues.

DAO.AD is ideal for:

✔️Website owners who want to monetize their site
✔️Those looking for high-quality traffic to direct to a landing page or direct link
✔️Individuals in need of large volumes of high-quality traffic

By using the DAO.AD platform, webmasters can enjoy numerous advantages, including:

    85-90% RevShare from each click, dependent on the quality of traffic
    Smart ad campaign rotation system showing top CPM
    Gentle mode of sending Push notifications
    Wide range of tested landing pages and automatic split for better subscription outcomes
    Protection from search engine sanctions
    Convenient withdrawal methods
    Weekly and daily payments with no delays

For advertisers, DAO.AD offers features such as:

    Replenishment of the balance from $20 in any convenient way
    Quick and easy campaign creation
    Unique fraud-protection mechanism and wide reach
    Ability to promote YouTube videos
    Extensive targeting with audience coverage even in remote areas
    Top conversion rate compared to competitors

DAO.AD offers new and innovative features like different cohorts for different traffic quality, new iCalendar format, and the ability to add VAST links for video campaigns.

Don't wait, start buying top traffic today and beat your competitors to the punch. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to visit our website or contact us through our chat or support BOS.