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Started by Kevin56, Sep 11, 2022, 09:43 AM

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Our successful service has been operating since 2014 – E-PAY. This is a partner program catalog for websites that sell information products with over 2500 products at the moment.

If you need to accept payments for your electronic product, training course or paid services on your website, E-PAY is the solution! Register and add your website, then we provide your customers with a convenient payment form and detailed video instructions. All major payment acceptance methods are available: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro bank cards, electronic money, mobile payments, and more.

You can connect a ready-made affiliate program to your website and set up percentages of deductions to your partners for promoting it. You can also advertise sites by placing ads on various free and paid bulletin boards, placing contextual advertising, etc.

With the EP wallet, earning on bonuses is possible through accumulation and receiving interest on the amount. The system design ensures EP rates increase daily by +$1, allowing you to buy EP at one rate and sell it at another at a higher rate. Buying and selling happens from your service balance instantly, without a commission.

We offer a multilevel referral system – 5% of the earnings of your referrals and 5% of level 2 referrals' earnings!

The minimum payment amount is $10, and payments can be ordered anytime. Payments are made within 1 business day via e-wallets or bank cards.

E-PAY – the fastest way to profit!