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Started by bcetindra, Oct 18, 2022, 11:10 AM

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We have an affiliate program directly for webmasters to collaborate with us. We are interested in building a long-lasting partnership, and we can start with small-scale projects. We welcome different types of traffic that comply with regulations and are open to discussing any arrangements. All our offers are officially paid, and we operate transparently. This allows passing moderation without any issues across any advertising system.

We have a range of offers available, such as SkillBox, Netology, Roboschool, and City Business School. There are even offers where the payment is higher than the buyer's payment, with over 65 variations, emphasizing beauty. Additionally, we also provide education offers on sеx, including over 17 landing pages with various courses. We have a monthly rebill offer, with more coming soon, as well as English education and self-development.

We pay our affiliates once a week either through cards or cashless to their company. We arrange interviews and support invitations via Telegram @edulid. We have a chat where partners can discuss on @edulid_arbitrage and we offer creatives and cases for different offers (some of which are immediately described). We have a referral program for webmasters to earn 5% of their earnings.

For communication, reach out via our email at or telegram via Follow us on Instagram at or join our group on FB at