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Started by ruschan, Sep 06, 2022, 11:00 AM

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We are delighted to finally meet you all! Our network has been operating privately for several years now, enhancing processes, inventing new products, exploring novel Geos. Today, we announce our public opening and invite everyone who is interested in working with top-quality traffic across various verticals to register.

MyBid is an international advertising network. We don't just aim to help Advertisers and Publishers earn money online, our objective is to make the process profitable and effortless for many players in the Advertising market. Our team of professional and friendly managers possess vast expertise in the Affiliate Marketing market and are eager to guide you throughout your turnkey advertising campaign.

For Advertisers, we offer:

The option to choose between CPC and CPM that best suits you
Over 550,000 visits per month
Over 6 billion daily impressions
Detailed targeting specifically aimed at your target audience: cities, geo, devices, OS, browser versions, and many other parameters
Support in creating creatives
Personalized manager
Popular deposit services: Paxum, Wire Transfer, Capitalist, Visa/Mastercard, USD.

Available verticals:


Advertising formats:

Inpage Push
Push notifications
Native (teacher)

If you represent DSP/SSP and are interested in RTB/XML-based integration, you can also purchase RTB traffic. You can apply on our site.

Publishers are continually striving to maximize their income while maintaining a healthy equilibrium between advertising and user comfort. Our team is continuously introducing new monetization tools and models to provide high-quality outcomes for our publishers!

If you are a Publisher, then we offer you:

Attractive CPM on most GEOGRAPHICAL
Real-time statistics in detail
Formats that suit your website: Inpage Push, Video, Banner, PopUnder, Interstitial, Push notifications, Native (teaser)
Detailed format customization
Google-friendly, user-friendly
No domain and identity verification required
Bonuses for positive feedback
Easy to install with 1 script - 1 window for configuring all options
Prompt and competent support

Be prepared to elevate your website to new heights with MyBid!

Our website: https://mybid.io
Our email: support@mybid.io
Our Skype support: MyBidSupport
Our Telegram support: @MyBidSupport