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Started by driscolllamvert, Oct 04, 2022, 10:55 AM

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Hello everyone,

We are thrilled to present one of the leading advertising networks, MegaPu.sh, which offers a full-fledged DSP platform and is the only source of push traffic worldwide. MegaPu.sh continuously evolves by considering advertiser requirements and keeping up with the latest marketing trends.

In addition to the well-established push notification advertising format, which is popular in affiliate marketing, MegaPu.sh offers fresh solutions such as First Page Ads/FPA, which is a pop-up advertising format that provides unique opportunities for creating effective ad campaigns, maximizing ROI, and presenting high-quality content to target audiences.

MegaPu.sh boasts numerous advantages, such as traffic from over 150 partners, a minimum rate per click of $0.001, high-quality traffic in huge volumes, worldwide traffic based on the CPC model, high conversion rates, a 5% referral program, a user-friendly interface, a built-in tracker, and highly qualified support service.

MegaPu.sh stands out as a unique advertising platform for advertisers, webmasters, and other representatives of affiliate marketing. Users can advertise goods, services, and CPA offers of various verticals without any restrictions, including Dating, Gambling, Merchandise, Binary Options, News, etc. This creates optimal conditions for maximizing bundles.

For more information, please visit MegaPu.sh.