I did not register Meta.sa domain

Started by JSImediaJS123, Jun 29, 2022, 01:43 PM

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JSImediaJS123Topic starter

I attempted to register Meta.sa with Marcaria, but I discovered that in order to register a meta.sa domain, you must have a trademark or be a resident.

Unfortunately, even with Marcaria's trustee service fee of $300+, you cannot register the domain without a trademark. Additionally, Marcaria offers trademark registration services for "meta" in Saudi Arabia for a fee of $2700+.

However, even if you pay for trademark registration, it takes a year to complete, and by that time, the Meta.sa domain may have already been registered by someone else. Despite my efforts, I was unable to secure the domain and had to request a refund. Good luck to anyone who can successfully register this valuable domain.


There are still a lot of available domains, including meta.gm, meta.bt, and many more. Thank you!


The origin of the word "meta" is Greek, meaning "beyond". Facebook's plans, as outlined by Zuckerberg in a blog, align with this concept. The company aims to transcend smartphone screens, distance, and physical laws to create a future that is collaboratively created by everyone. According to The Verge, Zuckerberg has secured a @Meta handle on Twitter and registered the domain meta.com.

 Currently, visiting this domain leads to the Facebook "about us" page, which explains the company's plans to build a metaverse. Zuckerberg also announced that they will begin trading shares under the ticker MVRS from December 1, but this shouldn't impact how data is used or shared.