How to sell branded domain correctly

Started by AustinEstrange, Dec 11, 2022, 03:18 AM

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AustinEstrangeTopic starter

I am interested in selling the domain names of various branded companies, such as Versace, Reebok, Adidas, Chanel, and more. The age of these domains is at a commendable seven and a half years.

Could you suggest ways to estimate their worth and how to offer them appropriately? Specifically, should I consider parking them, making direct offers to the respective companies, or going through domain exchanges?

I would be grateful for any advice on this matter.


It is a common knowledge that the worth of particular domains is equal to the maximum price for their renewal.

For instance, the domain in the .nobody-needs-pro zone may seem irrelevant. However, if a company finds it necessary, the acquisition of this domain will occur without any difficulties.

To confirm this, you can make use of Google and search for "the company sued the domain" to discover numerous cases where it happened before.


If you are looking for a different strategy, consider reaching out to sellers on online marketplaces such as Aliexpress, Taobao, and eBay who offer "original" branded products like Adidas.

However, do not expect actual brands to be interested in buying these domains themselves. Typically, they prefer to acquire them through legal channels.

Alternatively, attending a domain name auction could be a viable option to secure a good price for your domain names.