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Started by TechnoExponent, Nov 30, 2022, 01:53 AM

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I've been struggling with my PayPal account for the past three months due to an account verification issue. Despite sending in all the necessary documents to confirm my identity and address, my account remains blocked.

This has significantly impacted me, as there is a balance on my account that I am unable to access. Despite sending numerous messages to PayPal support, they have only asked me to confirm my identity again, which I have done multiple times.

It feels as though PayPal is intentionally causing harm to small businesses by holding onto small balances and not providing any solutions. Do you have any suggestions on how I can resolve this issue or seek assistance?


Instead of relying solely on email correspondence, it may be helpful to call PayPal for assistance. A list of phone numbers for different countries and their respective opening hours can be found on the PayPal website.

When calling, selecting the options for "Account verification" or "Suspension" should lead you to a representative who can help resolve the issue. In the past, resolution centers have been known to use unconventional methods to rectify issues, including making phone calls to customers.