Domain zone .tv can disappear?⁠⁠

Started by alvinwright, Nov 29, 2022, 04:47 AM

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Standing knee-deep in water, Simon Coffee, the Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Island State of Tuvalu located in Oceania, recorded a speech for the International Climate Conference (COP26) aiming to draw attention to the issue of climate change. The department's Facebook account announced the upcoming speech and posted a photo of Coffee in a suit and tie with his trousers rolled up.

The island state of Tuvalu is at risk of sinking due to the rising level of the world's oceans, resulting from climatic changes on the planet. This photograph of the minister is a poignant reminder of the urgent need to address this problem.

In the 1990s, the Tuvalu national domain "tv" attracted considerable interest among telecommunications companies due to the development of the Internet. In 1998, the Canadian company "" bought it for $50 million, but the deal fell through. It was then sold to " Corporation International," which became a part of "Idealab! Internet Incubator" in California. They offered Tuvalu 20% of the shares and a minimum income of $50 million over 12.5 years in a new agreement, with an additional payment of $12.5 million.

Despite this, the domain was sold again in 2001 to "Verisign Corporation" for $45 million, and Tuvalu received an extra $10 million for signing the new contract. As per the agreement, the government would also receive annual payments of $2.2 million, along with 5% of the yearly revenue from domain registration. "Verisign Corporation" obtained the rights to the domain until 2016, and Tuvalu faced the consequences of global warming.


Tuvalu has an agreement with Australia stating that if the .tv domain zone falls under threat, it will be taken away by the latter. The island state has a small population, consisting of just a few Papuans, and faces consistent issues with sinking and emerging structures, unlike other countries that experience this due to climate change.

The condition of Tuvalu, and other similarly affected island nations, highlights the immediate need for global action on climate change. The vulnerable communities residing in these areas face a constant struggle for survival, and swift action is required to avert a humanitarian crisis.


The .TV domain was introduced in 1996 and marketed as a platform for websites focused on multimedia content such as streaming TV channels. Following its transfer to Verisign, the company continued to position it as a domain name associated with the television industry. In 2004, the number of registered domain names had reached 483,000; however, Verisign has not updated this data since then.

There are growing concerns that the islands of Tuvalu are slowly disappearing under the water, which could render the territory uninhabitable in the future. This has led to speculation that the .TV domain may eventually disappear from the internet altogether. The situation highlights the urgent need for global action on climate change to prevent such humanitarian crises.