Has Channel Island Hosting gone AWOL for you?

Started by inaevrodom, Jun 28, 2022, 12:52 PM

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inaevrodomTopic starter

Have you noticed a lack of response from the team at Channel Island Hosting (channelislandhosting.net) in the last month? Despite submitting two tickets in early March, you haven't received any communication from the team.

This is highly unusual, as they typically respond within hours and no longer than 24 hours. Despite trying to reach out via email and other channels, there has been no response from the company or any team members. Have you also experienced this issue with Channel Island currently?


I am encountering the same issue. The most alarming aspect is that when paying for domain renewal, their system doesn't always update to reflect the payment. This has resulted in numerous domains appearing expired, despite being paid months ago.
When I approached CIH regarding this, their response was "Don't worry about it", claiming that it's fine on their end. However, from a customer's viewpoint, it's quite concerning, particularly if one has numerous domains with them. I'm starting to question if I genuinely still have ownership of some of my inventory. Does any of this ring a bell with you?


I have been a customer of channelislandhosting since 2018, which is a period of four years. Although I have considered moving out on several occasions, I always end up staying with them. Over the past year and a half, they have made significant strides in terms of communication support for clients. Their responses to inquiries are no longer unsubstantial and even those who do not understand hardware, servers and hosting receive adequate answers.

Their employees provide technical support, even when the problem arose due to my own negligence. Sometimes I pay for their services as webmasters to ensure my sites are functioning properly. I find it frustrating that I need to provide logins, passwords, and port numbers every time I seek technical assistance, but it's probably done for security purposes.

The only minor inconvenience is that their tickets are not numbered. However, overall, I am satisfied with their service. I have been using their services for six years and continue to do so. I have used other hosting providers and can confidently say that channelislandhosting is making progress and growing. I wish them continued success!