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Started by zetta81, Jul 06, 2022, 06:01 PM

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I purchased the hotel domain in 2016 and the old version of the hotel website has been up until now. The hotel is small and located in Greece, with the hosts being Germans from Germany. Recently, a representative from the hotel contacted me, offering to buy the domain back for 400 euros or threatening to take it to court.

I am wondering how much it would cost in Europe to take the domain from me through legal means and how feasible this option is. During any proceedings, I plan to remove all information from the domain and post a message stating that it's under reconstruction. Has anyone experienced a similar situation?


UDRP cannot be used for .GR since it is a ccTLD. There isn't much information available about how things work in Greece. As for dotcom, simply taking down the website is not enough to prevent a lawsuit.

If the UDRP determines that you are a domain owner or that you have infringed on their trademark, they can sue you. Thus, having a website that doesn't infringe on the rights of trademark owners is essential.


The court's verdict will be based on the circumstances at hand. There are three types of disputes that can arise when checking for designations that match or resemble trademarks:

1. If the trademark is identical to the domain name (e.g., for a company named "Cow"), it is usually resolved in favor of the company.

2. If the trademark is similar but not identical to the domain name (e.g., for a company named "Cow"), the court will refer to the "Methodological recommendations for checking the claimed designations for identity and similarity" and an expert will compare the names, logos, letter curls, and fonts.

3. If a domain creates conditions for unfair competition (e.g., a competitor registers to sell cheese), the dispute will be resolved in favor of the party that first registered the trademark.