Free $250 Credits on Public Cloud solutions | Pay-as-you-go

Started by AdahTrudy, Dec 27, 2022, 11:40 AM

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Our innovative cloud guarantees up to 80% higher profits in comparison to other top suppliers!

Looking to create your applications in our cloud? We have a whole range of services that cater to every need:

- Compute Instance: Scale your resources efficiently on the go, depending on your project's requirements.

- Storage: Have complete control over storing and backing up all your critical data.

- Databases: We offer database management for MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, Kafka, Kafka MirrorMaker, and OpenSearch.

- Containers and Orchestration: Automate virtualized or containerized applications for faster workflow.

- Data Analytics: Perform faster and more efficient analytics with our cutting-edge tools.

- AI and Machine Learning: Leverage the power of AI without any complexity.

So why choose OVHcloud Public Cloud? Here are some benefits that you'll get with us:

- Cost savings: We offer significant savings in infrastructure costs.

- Flexible billing system: Pay either hourly or monthly based according to your needs.

- Scalable resources: Instantly rotate resources up and down for any project size.

- OpenStack architecture: Mature open-source public cloud ecosystem.

And guess what? You can get free Cloud Credits from us! Here's how:

- Asia: $250 Free Cloud Loan

- Australia/New Zealand: Free cloud credit of 250 Australian dollars

- Singapore: Free cloud loan of 250 Singapore dollars

- Canada: $200 Free Cloud Credit

- Rest of the World: $200 Free Cloud Credit

About OVHcloud: As a leading European cloud service provider, OVHcloud manages 400,000 servers in 32 data centers across four continents. Our unique approach allows us to provide a predictable price and independence of all data to support unrestrained growth. So, no matter where you are or what your requirements are, OVHcloud is the perfect solution for all your cloud needs. Check out our website to learn more!