Domain at one webhosting, and subdomain at another

Started by BarryV, Dec 19, 2022, 12:49 AM

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The domain is registered on REGRU-RU, with nserver and There is a subdomain hosted by spaceweb. How can WordPress be installed on and ensure that everything works properly?

I have installed WordPress, but I encountered an error 404 on Technical support informed me that WordPress had been installed correctly on the technical domain, but not on the subdomain because a CNAME record has been registered directing it to the main domain Additionally, there was an A-record for the subdomain with the IP address

I tried adding a CNAME record for and www.example, but this did not fix the problem. WordPress works on the technical domain, but not on the required

My most important question is how to delegate domain rights for to another hosting if is on the constructor. Is this possible?

I have been trying to resolve this issue all day with no success. This is my first encounter with such a problem.


The location or registrar of domains generally does not matter. In fact, a single registrar can manage a domain that is served by Google DNS hosting or Hurricane Electric DNS.

Regarding your situation, you must create two records in domain management. The first record is for with an IP address of XX.xхx.xхx.185 and the second record is for with an IP address of Xx.xхx.xхx.139. The machines must be prepared to accept and process requests.

For the sake of testing, you can ping


If you don't need common users or general information, then three different sites can be placed anywhere without any issues. Subdomains are essentially the same as domains, and your domain is a subdomain of one of the root zones.

To technically set this up, you need to create A (and possibly MX and CNAME) records in your domain zone that contain the corresponding IP addresses of the second hosting for the relevant subdomains. The main domain should be served where you can learn how to do this.

Next, you need to bind your sites to these subdomains on the second hosting. Contact the support service of the second hosting, informing them that the domain is served on an external DNS server.

If there is general data, it's better to host on the same webhosting to avoid complications.