I use Yandex Cloud

Started by Alekset, Jul 03, 2022, 11:13 AM

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An expensive service that does not have support, you need to figure out everything yourself, disconnecting from paid services is a whole adventure, why do they have a balance replenishment service at all? After all, it is of little use, the main thing is to link the card and they will always write off money


Honestly i had never thought about using clouds, because truly just cannot understand how this system working.But i finally met with Yandex.cloud like 3 months ago and this service made a really important mark in life. This cloud gave me a great oportunity to save the most significant docs and use them easily.


Yandex has always been worse than Google and will remain worse than Google. Google Drive does a great job. If you run out of free 15 GB, then you can create another account or buy additional seats at a cheap price


After Google limited their Drive's storage for photos, I transferred my photos to Yandex disk because of their affordable subscription for 1 TB of storage and their well-known brand. However, Yandex has proven to be disappointing due to critical bugs found in both the Android and Windows applications.

The Android app is less convenient than Google's because selecting multiple photos for an album is more complicated, and a bug caused selected photos to be randomly deselected. The Windows application also had issues with search and synchronization, causing some files not to transfer correctly. Considering the problems with Yandex, I plan on searching for another cloud storage option for my photos, even if it means paying more to avoid losing important files later.


We decided to try to use the Yandex Cloud and were shocked by the speed of support responses, which does not solve any problems.
Even if you work with them, the solution to any problem takes at least 5 days and then the problem is not solved.
Even if you post something with them, you can wait for a response from support for 5 days, supposedly the workload is large, while if something does not work, they do not care.
What kind of service is this that obliges you to link the card, maybe I don't want to link anything to you? Why are you making me do this? Maybe I just want to pay and that's it! Moreover, not all cards can be tied, we have 3 cards that could not be tied, they just say try others, as if we have their car.
What kind of office that accepts only cards nowadays? There are a bunch of payment aggregators that accept any payment systems.
generally, we wanted to try to work with them, but even before we started, the desire disappeared 100%, and in principle, with all Yandex services, the same problems have been one or the other lately.


Hello, I've been using the cloud for a long time, to be honest, everything used to suit me, but lately not really. since it is impossible to delete everything at once, and the folder does not sort by. It would be better to do it by folders and to have everything by folders, because convenience and simplicity are much better than troubles. 8)  8)  8)


I agree with you, indeed, Yandex Cloud is a very convenient service. It also has free services. The service works well. Of course, it is better to use it for storing photos and videos.