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Started by alex.thomson, Aug 18, 2022, 03:20 AM

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alex.thomsonTopic starter

Greetings, I am seeking assistance from intelligent individuals.

Our team is currently brainstorming a new project and we require guidance regarding the appropriate server configuration for our needs. Your input would be greatly appreciated.

To provide some context, our website will host a large collection of music and is expected to receive traffic from tens of thousands of daily users. Additionally, approximately 10% of these users will download music from the site.

Thank you in advance for your help!


In the given scenario, the audience should be measured in terms of hits per minute, since the daily traffic amounts to around 32,000, which translates to roughly 4,200 hits per hour or 12 hours. It is important to identify the peak moment rather than relying on average daily traffic (i.e., 32,000/24) as it would not be accurate.

The same principle applies to the 10% of users who will download content from the site.

Based on these requirements, I suggest considering a server with two Xeon processors; perhaps with one core in each. Additionally, SAS disks are recommended.

Finally, it is crucial to confirm with the hosting provider whether they will host the server that will contain any stolen mp3 files.

Timur Berghen

So it's hard to say exactly what server characteristics you need at a glance. Let's start with the definition of "several thousand". A few is how much? 2k?5? What audience are you targeting and what format is the music? Downloading, for example, can be reassigned to the cloud to offload the main server. The only thing I can say is - take a server in France (there are no legal restrictions on music tracks).


One option to obtain a server is to directly rent from a web hosting provider with a minimum rental period of one month. Discounts may be available for longer rental periods. During the ordering process, the server's operating system must be selected along with an optional control panel if required. It's also possible to reinstall and install any necessary panels later on.

To use remote desktops, a Windows system must be installed.

After payment for server access, they typically take a couple of hours to set up before you can begin working.

We advise renting a server with basic free administration in case assistance is needed with the setup or consultation.