Need virtual hosting. Elastic Cloud Server (ECS)

Started by Helen, Jul 05, 2022, 10:59 AM

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HelenTopic starter

We opted to experiment with cloud hosting using Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) as a backup plan in the event of server issues. It is a highly customizable and expandable virtual server that operates on a standard Intel® Xeon® Gold device, with an impressive 99.95% throughput. I highly recommend it!


OK, thanks. Tell us more about the benefits of this service. For example, I need not only a cloud storage, but also a several additional business tools. Does Elastic Cloud allow virtual meetings? 

Ourel Augest

I also use ECS for a while. The main advantage over other cloud servers is scalability. We, as an administrator, can use not allocated resources, but a block of resources, which, if necessary, can be increased by referring to the parent block. In addition, the cross-server cloud-based protection screen copes well with all 3 types of DDoS attacks. Well, as a cherry on the cake - the ability to work with three types of flavors.


Alibaba Cloud provides the Elastic Compute Service (ECS) Cloud Server as a fundamental cloud computing service. It is highly convenient and efficient, much like using utilities such as water, electricity or gas. There is no need to purchase equipment beforehand, as you can create the necessary number of ECS cloud server instances at any time based on business requirements. During use, you can also increase disk capacity and throughput whenever your business demands it. By releasing resources when they are no longer needed, you can save money.

There are several defining features of ECS, including its Region and availability zone, which refer to the physical location of ECS resources. The Instance Specifications encompass various instance configurations, including the number of virtual cores, memory, and network performance, determining an ECS instance's computing power and storage capacity.

The Image refers to the operating environment template of an ECS instance, including the operating system and pre-installed software. Block storage includes cloud drives and shared block storage based on a distributed storage architecture, as well as local storage based on local machine hard drives. Snapshots are backup copies of the elastic block data at a specific point in time.

Alibaba Cloud offers two types of network: Own Network, based on an isolated network environment created by Alibaba Cloud and directly and logically isolated, and Classic Network. Security Groups consist of instances with similar security requirements and mutual trust in the same region, serving as a virtual firewall for different instances' network access control configuration.