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Started by Connon Bootman, Jul 30, 2022, 01:26 AM

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Hi there!
I'm experienced with using the cPanel control panel, but I recently checked out ISPmanager and found that while it's faster than cPanel at times, it's not as user-friendly. I also heard about Plesk and DirectAdmin, and I'm curious to know from those who have used all of them, which one they recommend as the fastest and most functional?


From my proper practice, I will affirm that the most uneasy Plesk panel, ISPmanager is seldom used on shared hosting, it is more relevant for VDS/VPS servers. Cpanel is very actively used on West. My prefferenceof choice of hosting control panel is as follows: ISPmanager; DirectAdmin; cPanel (old version); Plesk.
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Good day!! If I rank the hosting control panels, the sequence would be: ISPmanager; cPanel; Plesk Panel ; Direct admin. I  prefect the control panel for a work of the hosting is ISPmanager.



Although paid control panels like ISPmanager, cPanel, and Plesk are available, free web hosting control panels remain popular due to their affordability. While they may have fewer features compared to paid options, they're often preferred by those who are new to system administration or those with specific requirements. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the most common free control panels and their technical capabilities.

These include Vesta, which is based on BASH and has features like multilingual support, full control over virtual servers, mail server solutions, and more. Hestia is another option, which is based on Vesta and includes Apache or Nginx (PHP-FPM), DNS server, virus and spam protection for mail services, and more.

YunoHost is a modified Debian distribution that provides a web interface for server management, user management, email management, instant messaging server, SSL certificate management, and a security system against external attacks. Lastly, we have Brainy, a free, multilingual hosting control panel with corporate-level features that can automate all processes on the server side.


ISPmanager is widely used by many hosters due to its compatibility with Linux and other operating systems, flexible settings, and intuitive interface. It's also lightweight and easy for even inexperienced users to set up and learn how to use.

 Plesk, on the other hand, can work with both Linux and Windows hosting and has an affordable price, but it's more resource-intensive and cumbersome compared to other panels and may be more vulnerable. DirectAdmin has high speed, but it comes with a higher price tag and may not be available with all hosters. Despite testing all these options, the individual still prefers ISPmanager, as it's the most convenient for managing a small number of sites.