Colo: Ashburn, Charlotte, Dallas, & New York: Single U, Half & Full Racks

Started by ronybarne, Feb 01, 2023, 12:07 AM

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Tier.Net is a hosting provider based in the USA with offices in New York, Florida, and Texas. They offer innovative, reliable, and fast hosting services in strategically located data centers across the USA and beyond. The company hires its own staff and owns its network and server equipment. Clients have access to certified technologies 24/7, making their online investments exceptionally successful.

Tier.Net offers shared, reseller, VPS, dedicated cloud, and co-hosted services at competitive prices. Colocation packages include Premium Data Center Level 3, Secure Enclosures and Storage, Multi-Homed Bandwidth, Power Redundancy, and 99.99% SLA. Customers can choose from six options for data center locations: Ashburn (Virginia), Bend (Oregon), Charlotte (North Carolina), Dallas (Texas), Latham (New York), and Staten Island (New York).

For more information and to receive an individual offer or make an appointment with a placement specialist, clients can send an email to askus[at]Tier.Net. Additionally, Tier.Net provides colocation upgrade options that include power A+V, more bandwidth, additional power 20A and 30A (120V and 208V), ascending channel 10GigE, IPMI/OOB ports, remote manual maintenance, and system administration/management.

Basic support, including 24/7/365 ticket support, reboot, KVM rental, and $60 for installing a new OS, is included in all colocation packages. For full management service, which includes basic support and more, customers can pay just $29.95 per month. This service adds domain-level technical support (email, Internet, and scripts), strict security, fixes, kernel updates (on request), backup configurations, and full system administration and maintenance. However, full control does not include equipment modification or remote manual maintenance.

For more information and quick help, clients can email Tier.Net or use their online chat on the website. They can also call toll-free or ask about customized quotes, retailers, and partners. Please note that private messages received on the Web Hosting are not tracked, so all messages must be sent directly to Tier.Net.